I have decided to dedicate a category to some of the people who have made significant influences on my life – my heroes – men and women who have made sacrifices, loved unconditionally, lived faithfully,  defeated their failures, and unknowingly changed the world.

I cannot reveal anyone before I give honor and credit to my biggest hero, my mother, Gayle Mordue.  Cliche I know, but I do not care because she’s amazing and deserves the title.  Plus, it’s my blog, and I make the rules. 

As a single mom, she gave up everything she had ever wanted for herself to give the best possible future to her children.  We never went without anything, but we especially never went without love.  I hear statistics of what happens to children of divorce; of addictions and habits and broken lives. I am proud to say that my sisters and I are exceptions to the rule, and all credit is due to my mother. 

Today she will tell you that her girls were perfect and if we ever did anything wrong, the memories have been erased.  I know the truth – we were needy, tough, disobedient, rebellious, sassy, ungrateful children who developed into loving, healthy, intelligent, grounded adults because one woman saw past her own needs to nurture and love three little brats.  I love you mom!